• Bijar Khan Rodini
  • Dr. Noor Ahmed


China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, prosperity, challenging goal., hurdles


China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a decisive as well as golden chance
towards the prosperity knocking at our doors. The key project in terms of
economic and political scenario for the welfare of the people of Pakistan
and China.
Surely it can be the game changer in this part of the world, therefore we
must stick with our basic plan, and should go all the way, as well as taking
all the essential steps for the feasibility of this huge project.
The main purpose and focus of this paper is to highlight the hurdles and
serious questions in terms of achieving this ever challenging goal.

Author Biographies

Bijar Khan Rodini

Assistant Professor in Pakistan Study Centre of Uob

Dr. Noor Ahmed

Associate Professor of UOb in Pakistan Study Centre 


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