• Ghulam Dastaghir
  • Rafique Akbar


Gwadar, Pakistan, China, Economy, Strategic, region, Port, Baluchistan,


Gwadar is the third but most important port of in the south of Pakistan
which is located in the province of Baluchistan along the Arabian ocean
further opens in to Indian Ocean. The purpose of writing this paper is to
highlight its importance especially in this age of globalization when trade
has become a key to the progress and prosperity of nation. As I will
discuss in the research paper that the construction of Gwadar port is
necessary for
the economy of Pakistan and the underdeveloped province of Baluchistan
but will also serve the best strategic interests in the border scope even
further it is going to contribute in the progress and prosperity of other
nations as well like China, Afghanistan or Central Asian Republics by
decreasing their trade and travelling distance and breaking their blockade
by offering a new sea port to them in the shape of Gwadar among all this
china will need it most for developing its western region for .

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Ghulam Dastaghir

Scholar of UOb 

Rafique Akbar

Assistant Professor 


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