Pakistan-USA Relations after 9.11


  • Saima Yaq Yaqoob
  • Dr. Noor Ahmed


War against Terrorism, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Cold War, South Asia


This paper focuses on Pakistan-USA relations after the event of 9/11. The
deterioration of the Soviet Union for its downfall in the war and the
extremist strike of 11th September have altered geopolitical atmosphere
also created fresh manifestations of precariousness in the reality,
furthermore especially inside South Asia. These occasions likewise
harmed the out-dated global security plans that were developed
afterwards the Universal War ii. This paper will analyse the real tasks
done in Pakistan’s outside strategy following those terrorist strike of 11th
September, 2001 that created significant movement in the US approach
towards the area also the issues pertaining of the US launched worldwide
war that has a great worth for Pakistan.

Author Biographies

Saima Yaq Yaqoob

Scholar Of UOB 

Dr. Noor Ahmed

Assistant Professor At Pakistan Study Centre 


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